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Do your bit to reduce plastic waste

By Judith Mills The Plough

Wednesday, 27 October 2021


The Plough Contributor


Ava Morrell, who delivers The Bramley around Averham is offering to collect your 'soft plastic' and take it for recycling. She says

"Soft plastic includes crisp packets, bread bags, salad bags, frozen food packaging and packaging for products like rice, pasta and biscuits.

A good test for whether something is soft plastic or not is to scrunch it up and see if it bounces back or not, if it does then it is soft plastic. Just clean any food residue off the packaging and drop off at your next visit to one of the above supermarkets where they are recycled into new packaging.

If you live in Kelham but don’t visit one of these supermarkets or utilize the lockdown phenomenon of shopping delivery, we will be happy to take it in for you. When I come round for my next Bramley round on the weekend beginning 12th November, leave any soft plastic you have collected in a bag outside your door and we will take it to a recycling point at one of these supermarkets.

We hope you help us make small changes to recycle the plastic that we do use.

At this stage the scheme will unfortunately only be able to run for Kelham."

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