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18 September and 15 October 2018

Tuesday 18th September: Competition and Fuddle Evening

We had a strong turnout at this year's event, especially considering several members were away on holiday.

Our kind host was Maureen Justice and the location this year was her garden in Averham.
Brian Jobling and Robert Speir emptied and sorted this year's buckets of potatoes and the weights were recorded. Philip Ingall won this year, with a weight of 5lb 10oz, a first for him in a gardening competition! I received the wooden spoon with a measly 13oz.   See website for photos

I measured and recorded this year's runner bean lengths and the joint winners were Barbara and Heather at 65cm each. Jane received the wooden spoon with 48cm, which itself isn't a bad length! There was a bumper spread of food to follow, provided by Maureen and other members. Robert Speir's blackberry vodka went down very well as a postprandial nip.

After the raffle Nigel Britton our chairman gave a good speech with thanks to those who participated and to our hostess.

Monday 15th October: Music Evening

The full title of the club is Averham, Staythorpe and Kelham Garden and Social Club, and on this occasion we had a social evening not related to gardening but to music.

The location was the Robin Hood Theatre - our new venue - and was held on our new regular meeting day - the third Monday of each month.

Our host for the evening was Ron Watkins, who gave a presentation entitled Love Songs, or Songs that I Love', comprising an eclectic mix of songs and music all of which have special meaning to Ron from his early life in London, and later life with Maureen, accompanied by interesting notes on each composition.

There were two classical pieces by Modest Mussorgsky (I hadn't come across that forename before!) - the promenade from Pictures at an Exhibition and also A Night on the Bare Mountain. There were extracts from operatic singers Placido Domingo et al; Yesterday by Paul McCartney which amazingly is only 2 minutes and 3 seconds long; Imagine by John Lennon; also songs by Elton John, some 50's artists, The Great Pretender performed by Freddie Mercury and Queen, and many others. There was even a singalong to a couple of the songs.

Tea and coffee with biscuits was served at the interval and there was the regular raffle at the end of Ron's presentation. 

The members all thanked Ron enthusiastically for his selection.