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2021 Teddy Bears' Picnic

With many thanks to Liz and Adrian, and their friends, for organising such a lovely event


Saturday’s Parade:

· Oldest Bear  became a Burbridge in 1925 and is cared for by John Burbridge

· Smallest Bear is called Bookworm and is loved by Angela Moor   

· Largest Bear: Hamish Carlisle  (dolly mixtures provided by Tracy Carlisle). 

· Furthest Travelled: Bun Bear and Bear Bear loved by Iona and Freddie travelled together from Barrowby about 20 miles away.

Sunday’s Parade:

· Smallest Ted: Jen Pell

· Tallest Teddy: Bobstar who  belongs to Harry, grandson of Ann Barbary

· Furthest Travelled: Dillon Mitchell’s bear travelled with him from Tunbridge Wells

· Oldest bear: proud owner is Heather Wolfenden.