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AKS Gardening Club


The club meets once a month (usually the 3rd Monday of each month) and our recent monthly events include:

August 2021: Visit to The Coach House, Farndon

July 2021: Re-launch event at Willow Lodge

2019 Chrismas Wreath workshop

2019 Annual Show and Fuddle

July and August Visits

Potwell Dyke Visit

2018 Annual Show and Fundraiser

June Visit to Norwell

Indoor meetings take place at the Robin Hood Theatre in Averham village.

Our Subscription fee is £7 per year, which runs from 1st March to 30th April.  Any part year is still £7 but we are sure that, when you view our Events Schedule, you will agree that our membership subscription fee is very good value. 

Children are also welcome and membership for any child under 16 is free.

So, if you have not already done so, please give some thought to becoming a member of our happy and friendly group of people, all with a common interest in gardening. 

Contact: Nigel Britton; 01636 700023 or 01636 812886