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Church Bell restoration 2015

Kelham, currently, has four bells - soon to be increased to six.  Two of the bells are of historic importance. 

The full list of bells is:

1.. 1886, cast by John Taylor & Co,  weight 200kg; relocated from St Barnabas Church Leicester, in 2016.
2. C.1600, cast by Henry Oldfield, weight 230kg. The Inscription reads God Save the Church
3. C.1580 cast by Henry Dand, weight 305kg. It is considered a fine example of Dand’s work.
4. 1634 cast by George Oldfield, weight 355kg. The Inscription reads All men that hear my mournful sound may repent before you lyein the ground

Both Oldfield and Dand were bell-founders from Nottingham

Thanks to generous donations of money and time from local businesses and volunteers, and financial support from grants, in 2015-16 the Bell Tower was restored.

  • Repairing the timber floor of both the bell chamber and intermediate chamber.
  • Renewing window louvres and installing weather proof mesh.
  • Removing all the bells and bell fittings, strengthening the bell chamber floor and cleaning/refurbishing the existing bells.
  • Adding a fourth bell from St Barnabas Leicester.
  • Removing the existing clock, cleaning and refitting with an electric movement.
  • Renewing the stone masonry including renovating tower steps.
  • Replacing damaged plaster at base of the tower and lime wash walls.
  • Rewiring the tower electrics to include lighting and heating.
  • Installing close circuit television to allow the bells to be viewed.
  • Installing a new leaded steel framed window.
  • Removing the disused boiler house.


Click on the photos to see bigger versions.  All images:  Martin Cooper