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The Plough

Remembering World War One

During 2018, a group of villagers researched the lives of men from Averham, Kelham and Staythorpe, or closely associated with the villages through their studentship at the Society of the Sacred Mission (SSM), who lost their lives during World War One.

They were remembered at Services on 11th November 2018 through the dedication of new memorial plaques in the Churches and by tree planting. On 14th November, a celebration of these Heroes took place in the Robin Hood Theatre.


To read their stories, please click on the links below.

William Edward Ansell William-Ansell.pdf 212.8 KB Frederick Johnson Dickenson Fred-Dickenson.pdf 310.1 KB John Henry Gent John-Gent.pdf 139 KB Harry Lawford Hunt Harry-Hunt.pdf 205.7 KB Reuben Ingamells Reuben-Ingamels.pdf 127.1 KB George William Smith George-Smith.pdf 227.5 KB John Williamson John-Williamson.pdf 236.9 KB William Curtis Bolton (SSM) William-Curtis-Bolton.pdf 241.8 KB John Whitworth Corbett (SSM) John-Whitworth-Corbett.pdf 328.3 KB William James Collyer (SSM) William-James-Collyer.pdf 264.6 KB Charles Alfred Stanly Everett (SSM) Charles-Alfred-Stanley-Everett.pdf 134.5 KB Albert Edward Geary (SSM) Albert-Edward-Gearey.pdf 405.3 KB Frank Brooks Gill (SSM) Frank-Brooks-Gill.pdf 202.4 KB Stanley Percival Huggins (SSM) Stanley-Percival-Huggins.pdf 120.1 KB Herbert Peter Ledbitter (SSM) Herbert-Peter-Ledbitter.pdf 296.6 KB Edwin John Meedy (SSM) Edwin-John-Meedy.pdf 205 KB James Nash (SSM) Arthur-James-Nash.pdf 134.8 KB John Nelson (SSM) John-Nelson.pdf 240.4 KB Stanley Pierce (SSM) Stanley-Pierce.pdf 115.7 KB Samuel Irving Preece (SSM) samuel-irving-preece.pdf 116.8 KB Andrew David Short (SSM) Andrew-David-Short.pdf 183.3 KB Harold Andrew Smith (SSM) Harold-Andrew-Smith.pdf 116.4 KB Bernard Charles Vick (SSM) Bernard-Charles-Vick.pdf 199.3 KB Archibald John Wade (SSM) Archibald-John-Wade.pdf 180 KB Frederick Royden Waring (SSM) fred-waring.pdf 328.5 KB Aubrey Charles Nixon Whiston (SSM) Aubrey-C-N-Whiston.pdf 271.1 KB John Alfred Williams (SSM) John-Alfred-Williams.pdf 107 KB Ernest Edwin Wilson (SSM) Ernest-Edwin-Wilson.pdf 1 MB Frederick Laurence Wilson (SSM) Frederick-Laurence-Wilson.pdf 228.6 KB Harold Godwin Williamson (SSM) Harold-Godwin-Williamson.pdf 331.4 KB